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We’ll use this blog for group updates, general items of interest, and digest of important discussion that lives in our MeetUp group. We’ll also be putting these posts over there to keep discussion all in one place.

User contributions are encouraged!

Group Update

After much procrastination on my part, I’ve been getting our website up to snuff and working with another user in the Dallas area to help plan our first meeting.

We’ll be scouting locations next weekend with the goal of having our first official meeting in July.

Where to Learn More

We’re migrating from the old newsletter app to MeetUp, where we can more easily organize meetings and communicate with everyone. Click the magic button below:


Building Import Update

In November 2018, I (Andrew) launched a project to import the 1.76 million building footprints across the DFW region that Microsoft released as open data. So far we’re at 711,000+ buildings and counting. I’ll make a blog post prior to our first meeting to explain how you can help and provide a topic for conversation.

If you’re a savvy JOSM user, feel free to mosey on over to the project’s Wiki page to read the instructions and get started. If you’re not experienced (or not a fan) of doing the actual importing, we could definitely use validators to check previous work.


Around Town

This section is for cool stuff, places where we find OSM-based maps in use, or even something you mapped that you want bragging rights for.

  • Dallas Morning News using OSM-based MapTiler – Articles featuring interactive maps, such as this one on low water crossings, show off all the great work users have done mapping DFW.
  • Fresh Mapbox Imagery (!) – Mapbox recently updated their imagery to be as recent as mid-2017. If you’ve ever wondered which imagery service offers the best alignment, Mapbox usually wins out simply because the resolution of the imagery is better than Bing/DigitalGlobe.